whatever happened to the speed of the arranger page?

hi everybody,

ex-nuendo user here. i had skipped cubendo 5 and now switched from nuendo 4 directly to cubase 6. so far i really like what im seeing (grouping! beat detective! variaudio! etc), but one thing i really notice is that the arranger is now extremly graphics heavy with color intensity transitions and other fancyness, and while i only mind a little that you cant turn it off (sorry, a black waveform is still the easiert on the eye IMO), i really do mind that the operating speed seems to be about a fifth of what it used to be in the last cubendo generation i had used, which was nuendo 4.

examples range from the speed of simple scrolling to things like selecting say 100 objects and then altering the lenght of them while holding down modifier keys so that all objects change their lenght either relative or absolute to each other. even with very high amounts of selected objects, this used to be almost instantaneous in nuendo 4. in cubase 6 it now seems to be so slow that its practically not usable anymore. i just tried to alter the lenght of around 200 objects in cubase 6 and the program froze for about 15 seconds. impossible to find the right value this way - the functionalilty to do edits like these is practically non existant if it works so slowly.

is this a known issue? is this something i can work around by changing the graphics (i already tried to simplify the graphics in the preferences, but the whole color intensity trasition extravaganze seems to be something that you cant switch off anymore), is it a bug, or is it something that people have simply come to live with?

i hope its not the latter, that would be a shame. the lightning fast editing right in the arranger page was one of the central killer features of cubendo…

oh, and since i dont have a signature setup for this new forum yet: im working on an 8 core xeon @ 2,33, 8 GB ram, win7 64bit, using cubase in the 32bit version (for all the known reasons).

that type machine aint rocket science anymore, but it sure is nicely fast and with nuendo 4 gave me super snappy reaction times even in the most heavy projects.

either way, cutting the general reaction time of the arranger page into a fraction of what it used to be seems a bit extreme…i hope theres some known solution for this.