What's a good level for the Surround Output?

Not very good at understanding the engineering side of Cubase…it comes S…L…O…W to my remaining neuron.

I have created a Master Orchestral Template in Cubase, The stereo out is set to default and so far, all the tracks too - ready for balancing (pre-gaining) . As I am going to import tracks from this master its important that I get levels right. I am using the Control Room.
In the control room there is a big read dial. What is the best level to start a project with. Is it -12.00dB?


The big red control room dial is a volume control for your monitors - it doesn’t affect the export/mixdown at all.

So it doesn’t matter where you set it. It stays the same across projects, since it’s part of the Studio Input/Output setup rather than the Project Setup.

Thank you for that. I know your right on this, but here is the issue for me. I am going to balance this template - its a thousand tracks. I need to balance for example, 17 different flutes from different library manufacturers. then all the flutes against other woodwinds, then woodwind group against strings etc. There is a huge difference in DB from manufacturer to manufacturer for identical instruments playing the same articulations. As much as 30 db.
Now I know I can use the the volume controls in the instances of the instruments, or the volume controls in the Players (Halion Kontakt etc) or I can use the pre-gain in Cubase.
I don’t really understand the mixing side, but I know that mastering engineers like 6dB to play with. I also like to mix at a moderate volume, not at concert hall/theater levels.
The Control Room level and the level of my external amp (currently set at -25dB) affect the way I hear the tracks when balancing. So I am not sure which way to go on this.

Maybe I will put up a seperate post on this - it’s quite involved.