What's all this then...?

I discovered this by accident after updating to 8.0.10 but it has nothing to do with the update as I had first thought.

In the Mix Console (but also in the inspector) doubleclick on any setting control (e.g. Pan or gain etc.) as you would when you want to set the value by typing in.
Now click with the right mouse button, and the context menu has these strange menu items :open_mouth:
I’ve never noticed this before, but I checked in C7 and the same menus are there as well.
Oddly, they are not available in the Notepad areas, where it might make a degree of sense, but then those are still broken.
Does anyone have a clue what they’re for? Or is this a software oops?

[attachment=0]strange context menu.jpg[/attachment]
strange context menu.jpg

That’s not Cubase. It’s Windows generating that text context menu.

So it’s a software oops then :wink:

No. It is a context tool from Windows. Right click on almost any text box in any Windows application.

No, you have your system configured to show those menus. Maybe not intentionally… a quick google search turned up http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/93209-extra-context-menu-entries-ime-related.html for example.

Well in all the time i’ve been using Cubase I don’t think I’ve ever used the context menu (i.e. right clicked - why would I) - it was just an accident that I stumbled on it. So I’m not going to bother myself with it, downloading repair tools and all.
As a software oops I just figured the programmers might have forgotten to remove some development option or tool.
Just thought it odd that it doesn’t come up in the notepads - not even in C7.
But now I know what it is, I can sleep better :laughing:

Sweet dreams then!

I’m also seeing them all over the place lately, I wonder if it was activated by a windows update.