What's comparable to Monolith?


If I want to export a program, can I write the files into it
without making them accessable for everyone?

Is this what the vstpreset-export does?


Check page 22 of the HALion 4.5 manual:

You can save in two formats, essentially the content of the Program Table:

  1. VST Sound > it saves a vstpreset and a vstsound file, you can here protect the sample content of the vstsound file.
  2. VST3 Presets with samples > it saves the multi Programs into a single multi vstpreset file, plus all associated samples into a single directory. Samples are easy to read here for anyone.

Also check page 26 to check how to enable write protection to presets and samples.

However, I doubt you can set anyone back to open a HALion preset… it is not implemented (yet) as far as I know.

Thanks, man. I’m reading through the whole manual since last week.
But I have to stop too often. Takes some time.
Must have skipped something there…

Best regards.