whats cubase artist 9 like for electronic music

Hi all im currently using abelton live intro but want to move on to cubase artist 9 as it has alot off features i like, but im worried it may not be the best from my style off music which is trance/house. Abelton is very geared towards EDM music (im not a big fan off the label EDM) so whats cubase like to make electronic music with? also does cubase artist time stretch the audio to match the tempo as im not interested in using a audio editor to chop up samples those days are done…cheers

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend you to download Cubase Trial and try yourself.

You can make any music in any DAW, and Cubase is great for electronic music as long as you aren’t looking for the only thing that Live has much different, which is session view as well as sequencer view. I personally never used it for all the years I was using Live before moving to Cubase.

And yes it artist does time stretching, which I often find better than Live’s.