What's currently the deepest intergrated midi controller?

I’ve sold all of my synths so I need a new controller keyboard.
I use Cubase 8.5 Pro and only use Console 1 and Arousor and Valhalla as 3rd PTY VSTs
MY main VSTi is Retrologue

I’m looking for a keyboard with the deepest intergration, so quick controls being mapped, mixer functions being covered. I’ve discovered the Nektar Panorama 6, which looks promissing but wondering what else would be a good match? I’m not interested in anything NI, not their hardware, not the intergration with their software.
I’m also not interested in units that support “Ableton” or push type clones intergration etc.
Purely interested in what it can do for Cubase.

I use an Impuls from Novation, which has great integration with CB8.5, if you can handle the Automap software. I am looking at a panorama myself, as I plan to get more keys. I use the Impulse 25 for the fader, rotaries and pads, and use an 88 key e piano for major keyboard work, but I lack the keys on my Impuls too…

Do you have a music store with midi controllers around? I think actually touching the stuff usually helps me more then asking around on internet…

Most if not all (other) controllers require a wrapper round the VSTs to control them, Nektar Panorama does not. It does take quite a while for the panorama menus and modes to become second nature but the fact they work natively reduces complexity and takes away future support worries. It’s an excellent product.

Check out Akai Advance series - they have the best integration. Novastation uses ‘wrappers’ to wrap your VSTs - in my experience these can be a bit of a pain - livable, but personally I don’t like things messing around like that

Akai VIP is a wrapper too.

Take a look at Nektar http://www.nektartech.com/products.html

The Akai Advance is the only board with a proper GUI, I think. I have ordered one and it arrives this week. The VIP software seems to be very powerful and easy to use (once set up, which is a bit of a faff). You can for example search all your VSTs at once for a type of sound. You can load a preset for any VST, either using the GUI in the hardware, or on screen. When you do this, it sets itself up for the commonly mapped parameters - at least for 300 or so popular VSTs. The build quality is good as well I understand - from reviews.
Many controllers leave you peeking and poking to do what you need. Akai seems more user friendly and more powerful IMO


I bought an AKAI MPK261, no software, decided to map via generic controller

OK so I bought an Akai Advance and frankly its been a nightmare. 3 days of tech support and its still crashing +++. The stand alone wont recognise my Saffire LIquid 56 - it crashes if I select Asio - must use the default windows drivers.
Very frequent crashes, knobs are currently useless again. |Nightmare to install- had to use a sub installer! Driver installed but wrongly, had to reinstall, out of three days its worked for about half an hour. It’s not ready for prime time IMO.

As I said VIP is a wrapper which has huge consequences for stability.

That’s exactly why I did choose an MPK261 “generic controller” (without wrapper) have some issues of my own , but i had my fair share of Automap in the past and will not go for a wrapper type solution ever again.

Bought a Panororama P1 now… hopefully this will be better, arrives Monday

Don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Make sure you read http://www.nektartech.com/Support