What's going on here? (Waveform disappearing at different zoom levels)

Sorry for the low quality vid - had to make it low enough to fit in this post.

Anyone had this issue? It doesn’t happen all the time, just randomly every now and then. I have deleted the “images” folder in the Nuendo project folder but it either doesn’t help, or it just happens again. Deleting the .csh folder does nothing either. Taking everything off of DOP does nothing.

This only started happening within the last couple weeks.

This obviously makes it super hard to edit - any advice?

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We sometimes have the same effect. Sometimes also that the waveform is offset by a few seconds.
Most of the time there was a crash or a malfunction in the DOP. Deleting plugins in the DOP does not help.
Change a value in the DOP and reset the value again, or simply normalize it. Then it’s usually fine again. I haven’t found another solution yet.

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Thanks - I’ll give that a try!

Welcome to the club! Unfortunately, this is not a new problem:

(I once took the liberty of posting my contribution to this topic at the top. :wink:)

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately, the DOP is not used at all for the waveform in question in my project. So there must be another reason for this error.