What's going on here? (Waveform disappearing at different zoom levels)

Sorry for the low quality vid - had to make it low enough to fit in this post.

Anyone had this issue? It doesn’t happen all the time, just randomly every now and then. I have deleted the “images” folder in the Nuendo project folder but it either doesn’t help, or it just happens again. Deleting the .csh folder does nothing either. Taking everything off of DOP does nothing.

This only started happening within the last couple weeks.

This obviously makes it super hard to edit - any advice?

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We sometimes have the same effect. Sometimes also that the waveform is offset by a few seconds.
Most of the time there was a crash or a malfunction in the DOP. Deleting plugins in the DOP does not help.
Change a value in the DOP and reset the value again, or simply normalize it. Then it’s usually fine again. I haven’t found another solution yet.

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Thanks - I’ll give that a try!

Welcome to the club! Unfortunately, this is not a new problem:

(I once took the liberty of posting my contribution to this topic at the top. :wink:)

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately, the DOP is not used at all for the waveform in question in my project. So there must be another reason for this error.

I am going nuts trying to edit with Nuendo because of this problem right now. Steinberg support has excelled itself with zero response after 17 days despite having updated the support request on a regular basis, they really are a joke. Got to find a solution to this problem, it is seriously affecting my ability to edit.

Yeah it happened to me again just yesterday. I hit up Steinberg support chat when I originally made this post and they said its a problem on my end, that it’s a graphics problem.

It’s not.

This is NOT a graphics problem. On some of the tracks the waveforms are fine at the same location, they don’t all disappear. I can zoom in or out and find them but this is no use for editing. This is called passing the buck because they have no solution to their crap software that I unfortunately have invested years of my life in as well as buying two licenses. Now I have a system that I simply cannot use. Well at least you are lucky they even responded with a ’ It’s your problem’ they haven’t even bothered to reply to me at all.

It is a waveform display cache issue. Maybe it gets fixed, maybe not.

I’ve seen this issue in Pro Tools as well, different versions, over the years.

I hope they find out what the issue is.

For the first time, this evening I have this issue. Very very annoying and making editing impossible.

Seen this in Reaper as well.

Well dang, still a problem in N13 - just happened now

With all due respect, this is an insulting statement. The problem may be rare, but it is certainly not just a “graphics problem”. :rage:

The waveform is generated as a separate file. And presumably something goes wrong from time to time. (So in this respect it is a “presentation problem”. :wink:)

Fortunately, I have been spared this problem for some time now.

I solved this problem by open cakewalk with an admin privilegies. Maybe its because picture cahe folder is under restriction for writing for non admin user