Whats going on with the Steinberg Shop? Purchases needing to be manually approved?

Setting up a new Nuendo install, need the DNxHD extension. When I went to buy it at the steinberg shop site, initially I chose my bank’s payment system but I immediately got an error message before I could even log in to that, so I did it with a card payment, but immediately got the following message:

“Dear customer,
Unfortunately we have to check your order manually. As soon as the check is completed, you will receive the order confirmation via e-mail. If you do not receive an order confirmation within three business days, please contact the asknet support.
Thank you for your understanding.”

I really need this asap, like right now really. I have a DNxHD file here that I need to be working to right now.

Is there an issue with the steinberg store right now? Is there anyone I can talk to to get this expidited?

I have no idea why that is obviously, it waiting for a solution is probably not the right thing to do here and now.
Just convert it to ProRes or if you really have to a h264 with no inter frame compression so you can start working.

When things like these go wrong I do think a workaround is the best choice of action. Good luck.