What's going on with Waves pricing??

In the last few months there have been a gazillion sales where plugs previously up to several hundred dollars are now selling for as low as $29.

Are they:

  1. Going out of business?
  2. About to introduce a new kind of plug-in platform that will render their current selection obsolete?
  3. Thinking they will make more profits in low-priced volume than the opposite?
  4. ??

Man, I had my eye on Vocal Rider for close to 10 years before I bought Melda’s MAutoVolume (which works well, BTW). But for $29 down from more than $200 iirc, I’m tempted to by it … just because! :-q

And the whole Greg Well’s xxxCentric series 75% off (aargh, I bought them all about a year ago at/near full price!).

They do seem to have moved from quote a few sales per year to almost perpetual sale but the original price points are crazy when you see how many usable free plugins there are these days. The App generation refuse to pay more? A lot of the plugins are pretty old now too.

Vocal rider is excellent, waited for that to be on sale myself.

Waves… the DFS of the plugin world :wink:

Most likely only Brits will get that one :wink: