What's happened to steinberg forum? only me?

since two days the look of steinberg forum is strange!
I tried on iphone and I
pad with safari, duckduckgo, google chrome and obtain the same?!

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This is not the Steinberg forum, it is related to the Discourse server that is behind. There are discussions about this problem on the Discourse forum, because other users seem to have similar issues

Unsupported browser message on Snap! forums - support - Discourse Meta

What version of iOS are you on? Can you upgrade?

Thanks , I’m not alone
Thanks your are right!
Indeed it is not a browser problem as announced when you open the page, but an ios problem.
And there it becomes a sensitive and political subject that I will not debate too much:
Apple offers me an update to 15.7.3 but impossible to do even with Itunes! so just an invitation to buy a new iphone:A little shame!
This change may come in response to the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” which unveiled on Wednesday January 24 the new time of its symbolic doomsday clock: It is midnight minus 90 seconds. Let’s change iPhone before it’s too late.

chatGPT answer of the text above:
Apple often offers updates for its devices, but they may not always be available for older models. Sometimes this may require buying a new device to get the latest updates. However, this policy may be considered controversial and may lead to frustration for some users.

sorry to have disturb a little this beautiful forum with a lot of great answers about Dorico
best reagrds