Whats happened to the HALion page at the main SB website.?

So, tried loading the website in private mode (Firefox) twice.

  1. denied all cookies = doesn’t work
  2. accepted all cookies = works

Something in regards to cookie management seems off.

Good point. Made me think…

I ALWAYS run all websites I visit with minimum cookie acceptance I can get away with. I also run AdBlocker software. However, and as such, everything else at the SB website works/loads fine. It is ONLY the HALion instrument page that fails - using link above or at the SB site (laptop, Win11, Edge…).

Same from my main Win10 machine in profile, Edge browser…

Same here.

Still not working here - Win.11/Firefox. Cache is cleared.
I get a blank page, and if I use the back button to go the the main Steinberg page, that’s blank also.
But if I go to the Steinberg page from my favorites link, it loads OK.

Working here at this moment,

Our web dev team found the reason and is working on a fix which well be deployed early next week. Thank you all for your help!


There were changes in cookie handling on Firefox this week.
It affects more sites. Couldn’t load the GDTF Builder page.

Our web developers have just deployed a new website release and I think the issue should now really be fixed. Can you confirm?

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Yes.! All good - page loading ok for me here now… :smiley:

Thanks to the teams work - and thanks for your attention/updates here @Jonas_Baumbach :+1:

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Confirmed, it works:) thank you.

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