What's happened to using Option/ALT for multiple actions?

hey folks!

Here on a Mac 10.12.2, Cubase 9.01 I’m finding that the old behaviour of 8.5 where you can hold down ALT (Option) to perform an action on multiple selected tracks (e.g. change Send levels), isn’t working any more.

That was a massive time saver. Any idea if the functionality has new keys, or has something very useful been killed for no reason?

Thanks if you can help, I can’t find anything about this in the manual.



Do you mean the Q-Link? Isn’t it Alt + Shift?

I can see that ALT+SHIFT allows you to drag multiple values together, but 8.5 and earlier had a behaviour where you could mouse-click and type in a numerical value, say into the Inspector Gain, and then if you pressed ALT at the same time as RETURN it would make the same edit to all selected tracks.

That saved a lot of repetition but now the behaviour has disappeared.

Annoying that. I hoped they had just changed the way of doing it but I see no information about that anywhere

You are right, for this function, the Q-Link doesn’t work anymore.

I reported it as a bug.