Whats happening?

After successfully recording my sax player last night - everything has gone wrong tonight?
Trying to record the bass player - Im getting his ‘mic’ channel recorded on his bass track and im not getting a monitor signal showing that my mike isn’t on, yet the bass player can hear me and my voice is also getting recorded on the bass track? The sync light is coming on red all the time and stopping the recording and also the perf light under the sync light comes on also… had to abandon the recording?
what a disaster of a session… I tried to go back to how things were with the sax recording (stereo which I had to convert to Mono after the session) but couldn’t do that?

You are obviously messing things up. Once you have a functioning system, make a template and/or project to refer to.
One thing to keep in mind is that when you change some setting, button, or number and it doesn’t work as expected, don’t just leave it there - change it back to what it was set to before. In general, avoid changing things all the time.

I set it up for mono but unfortunately no joy, all I did was add two mono tracks set to no connection and then removed the stereo track… but I lost the click and all the monitoring went off… reset to stereo and everything worked as it should…just not happy about having to record the bass in stereo :confused:

first world problems !