What's in a name?

Here’s a great way for new collaborations to label themselves, and for the rest of us, hours of aimless fun! (this may have been posted here before, and you’ve mostly forgotten) :laughing:


  1. Marcos Of The Formerly Bliss
  2. Marcos Special
  3. Marcos Of The Rock
  4. Marcos Ungrateful
  5. Marcos Grape
  6. Marcos Camel
  7. Marcos Kink
  8. Disrupted Marcos
  9. Proven Fancy
  10. Redefined Marcos And The Somatic Heap

  11. Makumbaria Advocate
  12. Makumbaria High
  13. Makumbaria Of The Infatuation
  14. Between Makumbaria
  15. Delectable Makumbaria And The Courting Washer
  16. Incoherent Makumbaria
  17. Timely Makumbaria Of The Sexy Sundae
  18. Makumbaria Abyss
  19. Makumbaria Mirror
  20. Makumbaria Tangerine

This is terrible :confused:

  1. Strophoid Grandma
  2. Esoteric Strophoid
  3. Strophoid Worship
  4. Except Strophoid
  5. Ill Strophoid
  6. Strophoid Of The Lance
  7. Strophoid Fart
  8. Raining Strophoid
  9. Last Strophoid And The Session
  10. Aggressive Strophoid And The Mouse

Infinite Salmon And The Particle
Bung Star
Reverse Of The Limb Gnat
Shade Optimus
Specific Muffin
Euphoric Wang
Elevation Jazz
Roar Neptune
Over Divine
Spooky Diversion And The Ethereal Owl
Poetry Petal
Miss Out Palm
Desk Railroad
Shiny Shower And The Ritual
Tribulation Of Astute

Euphoric Wang :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Sorta like “Shaaaaaawinnnnngggg” in Wayne’s World! :mrgreen:

Lol that’s pretty good. Worthless, but fun.

Cursive Northwood Mediaworks Of The Swollen Canyon
Northwood Mediaworks Eruption
Northwood Mediaworks Of The Condemned
Suspense Of The Northwood Mediaworks Hypnosis
Under-paid Northwood Mediaworks
Hurricane Of Northwood Mediaworks
Northwood Mediaworks Tree
Northwood Mediaworks Of The Black Coyote
Civil Northwood Mediaworks
Binary Northwood Mediaworks And The Enlightenment

How did they know about # 5? :laughing:

1.Jeffrey Hayat Battle
2.Jeffrey Hayat Of Plain
3.Throughout Jeffrey Hayat
4.Jeffrey Hayat Teeth
5.Jeffrey Hayat Alien
6.Jeffrey Hayat Pavement
7.Jeffrey Hayat Parent
8.Jeffrey Hayat Distance
9.Jeffrey Hayat Of Section
10.Poor Jeffrey Hayat


Your 10 is like my 5 :laughing:

And your #3 is creepy. :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused:


Tell me about it - I almost didn’t post this here, I was so creeped out…

Aloha guys,

1-Collective Curteye
2-Curteye Ratio
3-Curteye Exhibit
4-Curteye Revolver
5-Curteye Of The Midnight
6-Curteye Married
7-Awesome Curteye
8-Curteye Of Hemp
9-Curteye Strip
10-Curteye Fast

Of course my wife likes #6.

Let’s try

  1. Skylight Of The First Class Lift
  2. Third Stripper And The Difference
  3. Happy Bazaar And The Member
  4. Afflicted Itch
  5. Impossible Consultant
  6. Uncertain Cast And The Alarm
  7. Sarcastic Sand
  8. Promotion Under Agenda
  9. Underneath Beholder
  10. Bearing Offense And The Striped Fright

Do I dare to get me involved

  1. Howlingulf Portal And The Sleet
  2. Rectal Howlingulf :imp:
  3. Howlingulf Of The Insurance
  4. Analog Howlingulf
  5. Howlingulf Cure
  6. Howlingulf Agenda
  7. Howlingulf Artery
  8. Autopsy Of Howlingulf :open_mouth:
  9. Drenched Howlingulf
  10. Howlingulf Irony

  11. Loan Of The Howlingulf Clutch
  12. Stuffed Howlingulf :confused:
  13. Howlingulf Across Porno
  14. Howlingulf Fudge
  15. Girls Of The Howlingulf Clear
  16. Blanket Of The Howlingulf Geek
  17. Downhill Howlingulf
  18. Ditch Howlingulf :imp:
  19. Howlingulf Of The Noble
  20. Howlingulf After Music :open_mouth:

Umm … I think I’ll roll my own , thank you very much! :laughing:

For that you are welcomed to use my #8. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


  1. Ethansight Gang
  2. Lobotomized Ethansight :neutral_face:
  3. Ethansight Of Nail
  4. Cheating Ethansight And The Ion :open_mouth:
  5. Ethansight Religion :confused:
  6. Ethansight Quake
  7. Field Ethansight
  8. Crusty Ethansight :neutral_face:
  9. Futuristic Ethansight
  10. Ethansight Scheme And The Reflex

I give it props for being entertaining…

Gay Ironworker Mom!

Son, what would you like to be when you grow up?


She loves my goatie