What's it going to take to get Eucon to follow Nuendo?

Granted, you CAN get a lot of mileage out of the Artist Series and, now, the S3. But the MAJOR REQUEST from all Cubase/Nuendo users for both items, is TO HAVE THE HARDWARE MATCH THE DAW SCREEN!

It is a major hassle not having the hardware hide/show tracks (or be able to see track folders) to match the DAW! The few work-arounds available (like making Layouts linked to Visibility Agents) diminishes a considerable amount of resources and requires hours and hours of programming just to come close. I get the “budget gear” thing. You don’t get displays with valuable feedback like you would on S6/5-MC, Nuage or Tango. You don’t get hardware with screens that allow you to read it like a traditional mixer and not have to look at the DAW. But it’s BECAUSE you don’t get those things that the hardware/DAW synchronization factor is critical!!! The DAW IS all the feedback you’ll get! So, you’ll need the hardware to control what you’re seeing on screen. Without that synchronization, this is very difficult.

What will it take to get this one essential feature? I ask at Avid. They say talk to SB. I talk to SB. They say it’s up to Avid. How do we actually break this cycle and just get this done?