What's missing from Expression Maps

I’ve been setting out to make complete expression maps so I can essentially “plug and play” any piece of music using my sound libraries. However I’ve noticed a few options seem to be missing in order to pull it off:

-Program Changes (in the works)
-Dynamics rules (there are dynamics rules, but they could be improved, say >p or <mf as rule).
-Note Length detection (if note <.5 seconds and <mp and not __ then…) this is particularly helpful in cases where a different technique would be used by the player and thus a different patch.
-better slur rules. Slurs typically occur automatically in VSTs, it would be nice to adjust the midi note length change for slurs, note length, etc.
-flags for special situations, e.g. mutes, mute staccato, mute short brushed, etc.

I believe Expression Maps are well on their way to becoming a powerful tool, however there are a few features that would allow them to be more versatile and powerful

Please see here.