What's New Documentation

Where is the What’s New documentation for Cubase 10.5. I would like to read through and see what all the new features are that are added. I can’t even find a version history for Cubase 10.5.

Here are a few things I found on this page https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/new-features
The Macro creation
Create Macros faster with new improved functionality.

Easier Macro Creation: The macro creation window has been improved with new functionality. Resize the Macro creation area for a better overview, move key commands up and down in the Macro and duplicate Macros with just a click.

It would be so much more nice to say all the things that have been added in the documentation that I can read through so I can better utilize what has been added.

Where does it show on the what’s new page the “Add Track Dialog Box” the new key commands that Greg talks about? It shouldn’t be this hard to see all the new features. I have watched all your videos that show new features but a document would be so helpful. I like the videos but please make a central location for all new feature documentation. It helps new buyers to see all the work you guys put into this application and all the new features through the years.

Greg talks about decoupling zoom and cycle, and one of my favorite new features two separate key commands for snap on and off which is so helpful for macros! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHrSgiRFVkk&t=4s

The manual has a section “New Features in Version 10.5.0” but nothing is mentioned about the new key commands and this is huge to me!

Another example that I just discovered, and as far as I can find undocumented, new key command which I have been wanting since Cubase SX 1. Under Edit> Key Commands>Tools> there is now Object Selection Tool: Normal Sizing, Sizing Applies Time Stretch & Sizing Moves Content. I’m excited for these to make there way to Nuendo, as of Nuendo 10 they are not there.

I had silly macros that would go to the third tool (to make Nuendo compatible) and back two tools to always get to Normal Sizing since there is no lock on that function like Pro Tools added with version 8. So glad they added these commands, thank you Steinberg! Snap on and off is so helpful as well.

I also didn’t realize until this version that in version 10 they made it so when you go to one of the snap modes (Grid, Shuffle etc.) it auto enables the snap function. I made a Keyboard Maestro macro that looked to see if the button was enabled but it looked for image identification. I was surprised it still worked in 10.5 and realized that they baked that in. I would love to see this list of functions so I don’t have to scan all these little improvements that are actually quite big improvements to the application.

I completely missed that they added “Zoom In On Waveform Vertically” and “Zoom Out of Waveform Vertically” as key commands in Cubase 10. I didn’t see this anywhere in the documentation and just saw that today when I was looking in the menus to match Wavelab shortcuts to Cubase shortcuts. I checked in Cubase 9.5 and it wasn’t there it first appeared in Cubase 10. I wish their documentation showed all this (perhaps this one was there and I just missed it but I have been asking for this for years!)

Sorry I am the only one adding to this. I just found “Show Notification When Switching with a Key Command” that was added in version 10, this is a very nice preference and helps you be more aware that tools have switched modes.
Tools Changed Notification.png

Oh boy it looks like this is my thread :wink:. I just found another one that I had missed that got added to Cubase 9.5 without me knowing and that was the “Insert Marker and Name” and “Insert Cycle Marker and Name” I had a macro I made years ago for Nuendo and didn’t realize this wonderful option made its way finally to Cubase. Thank you Steinberg for adding that to Cubase (I just wish you had documented it, or that I knew where to look)!