What's new in Cubasis 2.0

On 12 may 2016, Lars Slowak said about Cubasis 2.0

Please note that we announce new versions when they become available.
But I’m happy to say that the next Cubasis release will be packed of lots of great new features.

So I can skip asking about the release date and focus on these “lots of great new features”!
Since the release in December 2012, I saw Cubasis evolve into the serious DAW that it is today.
I praise Steinberg for keeping up with AB, IAA , AU, iCloud etc. and prevent it from getting obsolete.

To come to the point, here are some burning questions!

  • What kind of great new features will be in 2.0?
  • Does it have full MIDI support for hardware surface controllers like the Korg nano and micro products?
  • Can we use new techniques like clip launching as seen in Ableton Live and GarageBand?
  • Does it have a wave edit tool?
  • Can we expect a heavily revamped GUI?
  • Will it be a free update for existing Cubasis owners or do we pay a fair upgrade fee?

I bet others are as excited as I am and can come up with even more burning questions.
So please, tell us more?

Hi MarcelX,

Thanks for your message and kind words.

New updates will be announced when they become available.
Please bear with me that I’m not able to share details before hand at this point.

Regarding 2.0:
Cubasis 2.0 is planned to be a free update for existing users.


To have some higher quality reverb would be huge. Same for other plugins. I would gladly pay $20-$40 for fab filter type plugins. A low cpu button on each, of course.
Pro plugin upgrade would be awesome.

2.0 free upgrade…sounds good.

What I’m hoping for in 2.0 is

  • Increased ppq
  • streamlined interface/workflow
  • improvements to the MIDI piano roll editor
  • folders in the media browser

Free update makes me very happy.

In terms of new features I hope they keep it simple. Just more comprehensive Audio Unit support. But in general (as for any DAW-type application) the general rule is mo’ features mo’ problems

With the 1.9.9 version I can already safely say that my own limitations are bigger than the app’s… :mrgreen:

Hi brambos,

What do you exactly mean by more “comprehensive Audio Unit support”?


Most importantly state-saving between sessions. Right now all user made parameter settings (and selected preset) of an Audio Unit are forgotten when reopening a project.

Automation would be nice, but is less critical.

This might explain what I’ve been experiencing and assuming it was a plugin bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Cubasis Session (A)

  2. Add iSEM AU

  3. Choose Preset “Clockwise”

  4. Create Another Cubasis Session (B)

  5. Add iSem AU

  6. Choose a different Preset “Futuregazing”

  7. Re-Open Cubasis Session (A)

  8. Inspect iSEM


  • it displays “Futuregazing” preset (incorrect)
  • But you actually hear “Clockwise” preset (correct)

Up until now I thought this was an iSem bug.

It seems I was wrong, and state-saving in Cubasis actually works properly. I revisited the parameter-handling code in my plugin and it seems Apple have changed some things a bit since the last time I checked their documentation (notably in the switchover between rendering state and inactive state).

Cubasis actually handles the state saving as it should - and turned out to be a gremlin on my end which only popped up in Cubasis and not in other hosts.

Some things are still a bit iffy, though (like, often I can’t select the first preset in the factory preset list).

Does your plugin GUI also maintain state between sessions?

It’s something the host must do (provided the plugin implements parameter listening correctly * points at myself in the mirror :blush: ). Unless the plugin does its own preset management - in which case the story is a bit more complicated. I think that may be the case with iSem.

Cool, all’s well that ends well :sunglasses:

Hi David,

This is an iSem bug, and the engineer has been informed about it.


I think to make Cubasis a real mobile think pad kind of music app it needs chord track, chord pads and chord assistant.
All i really want from Cubasis is to get down some basic ideas based on nice chord progressions and a half descent drum track and be able to import into Cubase pro. I would really also like to see a lyric track. And if i am being greedy I would love to see a user friendly rhyming function. A nice neat interface linked to RhymeZone would be fantastic. The ability to import sounds from Cubase Pro would be great also. I realise the quality would need to be dropped down in the import but as long as it sounds like the original it would be cool.