What's new in Groove Agent 5.0.40?

I haven’t found any release notes / changelog anywhere.

this is the only thing I’ve seen: https://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/groove-agent-5040-and-retrologue-2240-5804.html

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Yes, thanks, but I’m asking, because this says close to nothing about the Groove Agent update.

Well, that means that’s all that was changed, presumably.

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So changelogs with their basic information have gone out of fashion?

They used to be inlcuded with the update files.

Close to nothing isn’t the same as nothing - in this case, I went with the assumption that there was just one change and that change is listed.

This on the other hand is a fair question.



So now I know know that it was only relevant for Mac users and I downloaded it in vain. :slight_smile:

And that is exactly what the link in the second post in this thread said, perfectly clear.

I will put it simple:

  • if Steinberg had announced on their update page right from the start, that this Groove Agent update was relevant EXCLUSIVELY for Mac users, and nothing more in it, that would have been helpful to ignore it altogether, instead of searching for more info. Often updates have more points than are visible in the first announcement.

So much for nothing, and back to relevant stuff.

P.S. I had no problem whatsoever with any post of anyone in this thread and certainly flagged nothing: it was all written in good will in my eyes.