What's new in Halion 7 script?

I’ve checked the developer resources and found nothing so far concerning Halion 7: Updates - HALion Script - Steinberg Developer Help

Are there any new features added?

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Hi @olmerk, could you please refresh? We just realised that some dokumentation was not yet set to publish. Apologies for this :grimacing:

Thanks for the reply! If you meant refreshing page Updates - HALion Script - Steinberg Developer Help, then it still doesn’t mention Halion 7. Should I look up later?

Just talked to the author. It is not done yet. Sorry for jumping the gun. Looks like I have to ask you for patience. It might take more then a month or two.

Any chance you could provide us a simple list of new functions before the documentation is properly updated? Maybe a short pdf?


No promises, but I will see what I can get. Might need some time to gather that too, so please be patient.

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Is there any news on updating the documentation for Halion 7? Thanks.

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Looks like it’s been updated.

@Steinberg: The function to save presets WITH customizable MediaBay tags via script is a very welcome new addition!
In addition to this: is there any possibility to READ the tags of the loaded program via script, so that I’m able to adopt them?