What's new in N11.0.10?

Is there anything new in N11.0.10 apart from the fixed graphics on the MixConsole?

No documentation is provided.

Edit: I see that an error with Melodyne/ARA has also been fixed.

Here are some notes. NUENDO 11.0.10 RELEASE NOTES

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pretty much a cut-n-paste from C11.0.10

they even forgot the find/replace :smiley:

Cubase did not scroll to the position of the selected track in the MixConsole as expected.

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I noticed that too. And it doesn’t mention the graphic fix on the MixConsole (but that’s no big deal really).

‘Less haste, more speed’.

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I don’t think those release notes have ever been very exhaustive, unfortunately. The cynical side of me thinks the less you say the less you can get held to account for :smiley:

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That is an annoying disappointment.


Yes they have newly messed up the metering system. Unbelievable that this was actually made on the 13th January and today I install and the meters are messed up and apply does not work on any other meter configuration, apart from +3 digital. Cannot change to usual meter profile or any other.


Actually, when I said above “That is an annoying disappointment” I was referring to the not-fixing the issue with removing projects from the hub’s recent projects list. The meters thing was also an unpleasant surprise, even if I was thinking about changing mine anyway. Still… dang it! I guess you can’t please all the people all the time. I’m not sure I’m experiencing anything better in this update… and definitely am affected by the two above-mentioned inconveniences.

I don’t mind the standardized meter displays not being changeable. But I do wish they’d left my custom preset alone!


Well on the 2 of my systems the channel meters won’t change from +3db digital since the update of 11.0.10

Yes totally agree of the added disappointment of this maintenance fix missing “not being able to remove listings” in the hub in update 11.0.10
Such an obvious fix to rectify, surely.

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People use the hub?

Yup, I guess it is there to be used having been created by Steinberg. However it appears the creators themselves don’t use it or they would have fixed it !