What's New In Spectralayers Elements 9

I think it would be helpful if Steinberg spent more time telling us what is new in the Pro vs Elements version. If you look up what’s new, all you see is what’s new in Pro. Sure you can look at the comparison chart, but it would be helpful for me to know exactly what benefits I’m getting by updating to Elements 9 from 8. A video specific to Elements would be nice too as all the videos are focused on Pro features. I wanted to pay for the upgrade, but I hesitated because I’m still not sure how I would benefit and as far as I know, there is no trial version.

Company vids are about 80% propaganda. You’d be better off waiting for user reviews to see whether the new or updated features actually work or not.

The manual lists what’s new in Spectralayers Elements:

Usually, the product pages showcasing the new features have little icons showing which versions they will be available in, like this. It looks like someone forgot to add them.

He just wants to know what’s new. I don’t see how this reply is helpful.

The update from SL8 Elements to SL9 Elements is $24. My guess is Steinberg isn’t going to put a ton of effort into making a specialized video for SL Elements customers.

I wasn’t talking to you.

That’s super helpful. Thanks. It would be easy enough for Steinberg to simply copy that “what’s new” text and put it on the website.

Poinzy, you’re definitely right about the propaganda. Often they are just videos to make people spend money, but actual users are usually better at giving real world demonstrations.