What's New PDF?

I see various videos for Cubase 8 features… but where’s the ‘What’s New In This Version’ PDF?

A similar request here:

I’m also interested.

Yeah, that’s just ‘Issues’

I seem to recall this being another ‘tradition’… they release the software… and all the splashy videos and then the ‘What’s New?’ shows up like a month later.

What’s annoying is

  1. I HATE sitting through videos. HATE it. Must be a young person thing. Nothing more time-wasting then a 15 minute video watching some guy click through stuff I can read in 2.

  2. I HATE the idea of having to re-read ‘Getting Into The Details’ like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ scanning for changes.

A good ‘What’s New’ matters. It shows respect for long-time users who just wanna get down to business. (Of course a better Index on the main doc wouldn’t hurt either. )

@suntower - I agree on all accounts :slight_smile: