Whats the best controller for Groove Agent 4

I was wondering is anyone out there that knows which controller works best with groove agent 4.
Presently I have a MPD-18. But there’s a problem trying to sync it to the pad display on groove agent 4. Is there a controller that anyone recommends. Thanks God bless

as funny as it may seem, I use my Maschine controller for it :slight_smile:

Same here … works great in Midi mode as GA4 controller. :mrgreen:

Thanks Guys , I just picked up the MPC Studio and it would not sync with GA4. without extensive assigning …
I’m picking up a MK2 today! Appreciate your Help.

For laying down a simple percussive backing track, I use a Steinberg/Yamaha CMC-PD. When I want to do something expressive however, nothing beats flailing away with a real pair of sticks, unfortunately I haven’t the space for a full E-Kit so I use a Yamaha DD-55, but the offerings of Roland and Alesis would also do I’m sure.