What's the best end years deal?

Hi, just bought Z3TA+2 and Waves Gold native bundle, are there any VSTi’s on sale? Please let us know :slight_smile:

With the head line…

What’s the best end years deal?

I WAS going to say, RUN to your nearest Wal-Mart, they have tube socks & underwear on sale :laughing:

But now that I’ve read you post, Hobby Horse Productions, makers of Drums On Demand and some other great products are having a huge sale right now, like 50%-75% off :question:
They just sent me an email the other day, but I l already have a lot of their stuff…the last purchase being their entire collection of sampled drum kits that can be put in a player, like Kontakt…pretty decent, but doesn’t compete with something Toontrack drums (not enough velocities). They at least match all their drum loop packages which can be used in conjunction with them…but good enough to use on it’s own, without their loops.

Got the socks :wink:

The Waves Gold Bundle, dated as it is, for around 150 bucks right now might be the deal of the year.

If you combine it with Waves’ free StudioRack, it makes a great addition to Cubase and its six freezable insert limitation.

There is not a lot that can’t be done with StudioRack + Gold Bundle.

The Slate VMR intro price + VTM (or VBC, or VCC) early adopter discount was a great bundle / value, too.

The Plugin Alliance discounts right now are also great.

Thanks, I followed your tips as you can see in my signature!