Whats the best midi keyboard for cubase?


I got a M-Audio Oxygen 61. The problem is that i have to redefine the mix buttons all the time i close and reload program. Exporting and importing xml does not do much…
So… which midi keyboard would u suggest that KEEPS the setup configuration?

I use a handy Nektar Panorama P4.

Keys are not the top off the line. But plenty good enough too get most things done.
The control section is great. Can with ease just custom layouts and save them on the panorama.
Has one motor fader wich is smooth in operation. And several knobs, pads and some manual short faders. Wich can control anything you throw at them.

The only thing that is some of a pita, is that the software/firmware is in need of a update. It has a few minor bugs and missing some of the added control Steinberg added to the generic remote on the 9.5.2

Good news is that I sent a PM to Tim Chandler of Nektar, 6 months ago. He answerd me that an Cubase update for the Panorama was overdue. He could not Say when. But said I should see something before 2018 is out.

And thats a other thing I like about Nektar. You can reachout and talk to them. Thats priceless in this modern day.

i bought a panorama p1 this year, and i confirm what reflection says. i do not remember the name, but nektar responded quickly and friendly, and yes a cubase update is coming (rumours about an editor, he couldn’t confirm if that was coming, non disclosure…). long overdue. nektar crashes sometimes cubase, cubase keeps working, but one time it corrupted a project. there are more than minor bugs… but i use it still for cubase (and reason, that has a deep integration with it).

on topic: a midi keyboard that has MCU implementation is the best option, i think. or a panorama keyboard, when the update has a arrived.

Another happy Panorama P4 user here. The integration with Cubase is pretty good out of the box. The keyboard quality is OK for basic Midi input but I wouldn’t be without a proper weighted one too for piano parts.

Thanks a lot for the info. tbh i didnt know at all that brand. I am totally new to music and what i have seen are the series of M-Audio and AKAI from various magazines. From a fast research, it is much more expensive than the others…

I have had a P4 for a couple of years and can not recommend it. It has a tendency to crash whatever project I’m working if I use any of the McDSP plug ins. There seems to be little in the way of updates to the firmware, with the latest version dated 2015, so it looks like they’re not really giving them any support. I’m going to sell mine and get something that will hopefully work.