What's the best way of doing these basic chores in Wavelab?

I’ve had Wavelab elements for a couple of years but very rarely used it as I find it very cumbersome and unintuitive. I realise all editors have their own workflows, so putting this out there for best ways to achieve fairly routine edits, as I’ve failed to find any sensible way of doing it. (General point - using this to edit commercial tracks for playout purposes, not to edit my own music, so “use Cubase” isn’t a good answer!)

EXAMPLE TASK. Take a single WAV, chop out 15s from the middle, and add a reverb tail to the end.

I think its not possible to cut anything in the basic editor, so looks like I’ll need the montage tool, right? Fastest way to do this - New, Audio Montage, then Open the file I already have loaded in? Fiddly, but ok I guess.

It’s the reverb tail that’s been causing me the most grief. Ideally I’d have the reverb on an effect send, and automate an envelope. Under the Envelope tab, I see I can select a Clip Effect, so that might seem a good way forward. However, I can’t then create an envelope for this - all the options under my reverb are greyed out. The manual says something about Split Mode for send effects, but doesn’t offer any method of selecting this. I’ve also tried master and track effects, but they all suffer the same basic problem - no way of automating even the level / wet/dry.

Then I figured I could create a new clip with the abrupt tail of the track, and then add a clip effect reverb as an insert. Nope, that doesn’t seem to wrok either, as it adds this effect to EVERY clip on the track, not just the one I need.

By this point I’d lost the will to live, but curious to know what method(s) Wavelab users choose for such basic chores. Thanks in advance.