What's the best way to divide a montage into two montages?

Basically, I’ve got an album that is about to become 2 albums because there’s too much material… So it’s going to go from being a super long LP, to two separate LPs…

Currently, all of the songs/fades/fx/clip names/etc are in a single montage. What’s the best method to take the last 7 songs or so and remove them from the first montage, and then to make a new montage with them?


Hi …

I am sure there’s some fancy, auto way to do this but it’s pretty quick to simply save the existing montage as ‘LP 1’ for example. Then, save it again as 'LP2" for example … thus preserving all your existing markers etc. Then remove the unwanted tracks from the LP1 montage. After saving that, go to the new LP2 montage, do the same thing and move the remaining clips forward to the 0:0:0 start-of-montage.

One thing that WL does super well is reliably bind the markers to clips and present options to move stuff within a montage.

Hope this helps

That works for me – thanks Paul. A simple and elegant solution… i’m surprised I didn’t think of it, although after 12 hours or so in the studio my brain is pretty fried… thanks for a little well-needed clarity…


Yep. Save As…

Assuming your markers are bound to the clips, making disc 2 takes about 2 seconds to delete the unneeded clips and slide the needed clips down to start at 0:00.

Side note, when making vinyl masters, your can do this from a single montage using “CD Track Groups”. You just tell WaveLab in the CD Tab which songs are for Group A, B, C, D etc. and then you can render a full WAV of each side, and then also create a useful PDF report for the tracks/songs on each side.

Years ago in WaveLab, you also had to make a Save As… montage for each side to get the file length/markers and PDF report to match up.