Whats the best way to merge projects in Cubase 8 ?

im having problem to merge several projects to one…
during this year i had several songs made for a client with audio,vst instrument midi tracks,all midi used internally, with rack(f11) and vst instrument tracks made mostly on cubase 5 few years ago

now the clients wants to do some"String songs" (compilation of his songs? im not sure about the term in english)

now i want to transfer tempo,audio-vsti-midi tracks with events and relevant sounds to one project and go edit from there.
right now i can only drag the events from one project to another, or save track archives but its not translating all good, and takes forever. and of course the most problematic are the vsti used on rack(f11), which cannot be archived as far as i know and the midi tracks using rack instruments stay with no input(no vsti).

is there a better cleaver and easier way in cubase of sharing and merging projects ?

Use just the audio tracks of the final mix of each song and create an audio collage as it wavelab…?

its not gonna work that way, it needs to stay on the midi level, there gonna be lot of editing changes on ,pitch ,tempo,new transitions between the song etc etc…

What genre is the music in? Orchestral, rock, dance etce

Maybe you can build a custom template specific to your overall project and import each midi part from the entire work one by one, assigning them to the relative VI, though if there were originally a number of different VI’s used (for example bass or pads) across the whole set of songs, you’d probably have to create extra midi tracks assigned to each of those parts and VI’s as (I think) you can’d send a cc to change a VI as you can a preset or other instrument parameters.

Interesting challenge you have, keep the post updated as you solve each step, maybe something every one can learn from and maybe suggest ways forward at very stage.

it has several genres,mixed with ethnic,ballad, jazz and rock… :unamused:

anyway i didn’t start working on it yet, but i think im going to archive all tracks from the projects i need, and save global presets for the VSTi on the rack instruments,then write down what sound goes to what instrument and from which project.
then import all to one of the projects. and i probably also copy/paste tempo from some songs that uses the tempo heavily.
then i go to further editing/recording from the “master” project.