Whats the best way to record with my setup?

OK Im using a Mesa Boogie rectoverb head and a 2x12 closed back Avatar cab with v30s in it, Im micing it with a Shure sm57 mic and running it through a yamaha audiogram 6 and using Cubase AI4.
Basically Im trying to do some lower volume recordings, but cant seem to get the settings right idk.
If anyone can help me with how they set up everything for similar situations would be a big help Im retarted when it comes to this stuff. :open_mouth:
Also I did finally get some good sounds the other day but it saved them as a wav file and I couldnt figure out how to convert my wav files to a mp3 format any easy ways to do this using cubase?

Lamb: I use Line 6’s Pocket Pod http://line6.com/pocketpod/
I haven’t used an Amp in years when Recording other then to RE-AMP. Live I do.
Amp and speaker simulator’s are all over the place. Plus my family and
neigbors love the Direct approach.

For the .mp3 thing what I do is to do a normal mixdown
but instead of a .wav file I switch to .mp3 by clicking File

  1. export
  2. audio mixdown
  3. do the norm here
  4. click the down arrow on Wave File
  5. Click Windows Media Audio File
  6. go to "BIT RATE/QUALITY
  7. click the down arrow on "Bit Rate/quality
  8. choose 128 kbps 44 khz 2 channel 16 bit cbr

The above is a .mp3 just doesn’t say it
try some of the other rates to if you want
128 works for me when Emailing

Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi Lamb

If you are running the amp at lower levels, you’ll need to increase the gain on the mic to compensate.

Allright thanks guys^
I have a few more questions though, My headphones died on me so im wondering if I can plug regular computer speakers into my interface(I have a yamaha audiogram 6) for playback? I have the 1/4 converter that came with the headphones.
Thanks for the help.

Yes, there should be no issues plugging desktop speakers into the audiogram.

I didnt think there would be, thanks for the help

Stop it Steve, you’re giving me gear envy.