What's the best way to trial Dorico on a more powerful PC?


I often compose on the move so I wanted to trial Dorico on my Surface Pro (i5, 4GB). The Dorico team recommends 8GB of memory, so unsurprisingly it’s a little slow when writing and the sound drops out during anything but the simplest playback.

But I like Dorico, and I can live with the slow performance, if I know I can fire up my more powerful (but immoveable) PC for the grunt work and Dorico performs well.

So I now want to trial Dorico on my more powerful PC before making a purchase decision, but I can’t do it. There’s this whole buy a USB eLocker thing that’s making a simple trial, a real pain in the but. I’ve tried requesting a second trial licence through the website but the email with the trial key didn’t arrive, so I’m stuck.

Can anyone help?

When I had questions during my Sibelius trial, there was a support team who were easy to contact and who called me to chat about my needs.
But with the Dorico trial, it seems there is no support other than a link to this forum. Is there a phonenumber where i can request a second trial license?

I’m sure someone representing Steinberg/Dorico will reply here shortly.

If you already have a registered license for Dorico in your MySteinberg account, or if you’ve already received a trial license, then the system won’t send you another one (I have mixed feelings about this, since it obviously inconveniences people who want to do what you’re doing, but it also protects against people continually getting hold of new trial licenses rather than actually buying the software). I have sent you via private message a new trial license that you can use to activate Dorico on your other computer for 30 days.

As for support, you don’t say where in the world you are, but the arrangements are different in different countries. If you’re in Europe and in one of the countries that Steinberg sells directly to, then you can contact our support team in Hamburg for help, either by email or by phone during designated hours (typically in the mornings, German time); in other countries around the world distributors handle support for us. The best way to find out how to contact support is to go to your MySteinberg account, where the details for contacting support appropriate for your country are shown. You can also find a summary of support options here:


However, for Dorico help, I think you can do a lot worse than asking questions here in the forum. We have a wonderful, dedicated support person for Dorico, Anja, in our Hamburg office, but you can often get answers a lot faster either from people like me who are part of the team who are building Dorico, or from other fellow users in the community, here on the forum.

Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. It’s really appreciated.


I had the same issue here.
Try playing around with the options of the HALion player. I allowed it to use more CPU cores, never had troubles with playback since then.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go. It’s working well on the PC, but it would be nice to get it working better on the Pro.