What's the cheapest, most trivial gizmo you've ever bought and turned out to be hugely useful?

As per title.

For me, it was…strap locks. I still can’t believe I have been going without them for years.

Another one. Cable ties, like these:

And another: Coding Rings for cables, in different colors.

So, what’s yours?


Oh I can go way more mundane than that and still claim it is one of the consistently most useful items in my studio. A simple pair of cooking tongs (the longer ones for barbecue are best). These come in useful whenever you’d like your arm to be a foot & half longer than nature provided. Just last week it rescued a wayward guitar strap from a long cold winter behind a mix board.



Maybe not totally trivial, but even the cheap Behringer cable tester I bought has turned out to be one of the best investments, as well as SANITY preservers, I’ve ever purchased.


Remote-control operated on-off switches for the main power boards in the studio. No more crawling around the floor to turn the power on/off!


Rhythmizer Ultra

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Swiffer dusters for the studio.


OK, while this is initially fairly pricey, I think you need to adjust the final cost since you do get to drink all the whisky.


That brings back memories. I worked as a waiter at a Charthouse during my college years and we used to grab those from the bar to use to keep all our change in for our banks, along with pens and wine openers and such. Went through quite a few of those. Never drank the whiskey though: not into the blendeds still even though I’ve acquired quite a taste for the Islay single malts! Now if Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, or Oban had bags…


Oooohh … FANCY! :smile:

I’m more of a bourbon guy.

Anyway, back on topic …

Although not the least expensive thing one can purchase, this headphone stand has made me happy recently …


A paint brush

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For dusting?

Big soft bristle paintbrush for synth duster here too.

Thinking of suggesting to Bruichladdich they should do a plushy bag in their aqua green for the audio community.

For headphones:


Oh, I’ve got those. They’re great!