What's the deal with "initializing: MIDI" and RME: slow load

Has anyone else noticed this? Plugging in different peripherals the problem seems to point towards RME with Cubase, and the “initializing: MIDI” hang time is quite ridiculous…

I can confirm this with an RME Fireface 800 that the MIDI initializing takes what seems an unusually long time however everything works stable so…Cheers!

I’ve come across this a few times in the past, but not in a long while. I have a Fireface 800 and a Korg K61 midi controller, when this happens I unplug the USB cable from the Korg and Cubase immediately resumes loading. I haven’t had this happening without the Korg connected so therefore never suspected the Fireface to be involved. (and I’m still not sure)


FF 800 here, loads as quick as ever.

RME issues show up in the latest “Known Issues” category of the latest C6.5.4 Release notes. Steinberg’s answer is to check RME for the latest drivers. Dunno if that helps, but there it is.