Whats the difference between 7.0 and 7.06?

Hi gang…I know this question sounds a bit strange but…so far I have no problems with 7.0 and am loving it…and I am wondering if I am losing out on any additions and features to it in 7.06 or 7.05?..are there any new plugins that come with these upgrades or are they just fixin problems that some machines might be having?..Is the screen layouts different…etc, etc.

I am still getting to know this product and am enjoying it…I did have a midi driver reset problem, which I hope they will in the next update address…(it is not with my audio unit…it is the driver)…put a midi driver reset button please…other then that no problems on 7.0.

So I am asking what am I losing out on by just working with 7.0?

thank you


JM…I read your response…so its a fix 4 problems that some have occurred…but it doesnt state if they added any new plugins. etc, etc…which is what I was getting at. I run mine in 32 bit mode and so far no problems…I do have a couple of request…a midi driver reset and being able to master in mpg3 mode instead of waves…other then that enjoying version 7.0 with no problems as of yet.

point releases are typically just bug fixes.

The difference is 0.06…

Actually .05999993 due to rounding and network overhead.

ThinkingCap…I c ur not even using cubase 7 according to your specs and that some of your posts has not been very informatived to new users…even tho it says u have used cubase 5.x for a long time maybe u should try cubase 7…then maybe your remarks can help people whom are searching for anwsers to a problem with version 7…with each different versions of a product things do change…as per your remark upon the mp3…I still have not located it in any menus…as per read the manual…yea I will read it if its in paperback form…didnt get one…and am still reading the pdf for the info.

It’s in the export dialog.

How kool is that?

‘If it ain’t broke…keep on makin’ music’.

Just did a lil test work in C5 and it was great.

C5/6/7 all rock.


I may be a bit fanatical but when i read “improve audio accuracy” i feel i would be derelict in my duty as an engineer to not upgrade.

“improve audio accuracy”? What are you referring to here?

Hi, improve audio accuracy is mentioned in the changelog.

OK that made me laugh :laughing: