What's the difference between Inspector & Master Section?


I’m quite a beginner at this, so sorry if this is a really easy one. But what is the difference between adding, say, reverb in “Inspector” versus adding it in “Master Section”?

EDIT: some changes for clarification.

In the inspector: Each track/clip in the montage can have their own “insert” or “send” fx - this is per track/clip and only affect the clips on that track. The Output effects are pre Master Section.

The Master Section FX affects all the tracks that are routed through the master section (insert).

If I understand you correct, this would be the main difference.

I would advise on reading up on this in the Wavelab manual and looking up instruction videos, to get more input on what is possible with Wavelab! :slight_smile: It´s a really powerful tool.

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Montage Inspector | New Features in WaveLab 10 - YouTube

Ok thanks so much, this makes great sense. For the most part my recordings are single track, so that’s why I didn’t discover that feature of “inspector” on my own. But you’re right, the manual is super thorough, I just couldn’t find a clear distinction between the two (inspector and master section).
Thank you!

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