What's the difference between NEK 6 & NEK 4?

What’s the difference between NEK 6 & NEK 4? What did they add (or subtract)? Could I still use NEK 4 with Nuendo 6?

Don’t know what has changed, but the answer to your second question is easy; no.


Is that because of some kind of driver compatability issue? Would it work with NEK 5? I’m not clear why I need to keep spending the extra $150. So, if I upgrade to N6 without NEK 6, then I’ll have to do all of my MIDI prep in N4 and then import it into N6? :question:

It’s very simple. You can only use the NEK for the version you have paid for. Therefore if you don’t pay for N6 NEK, you don’t have a licence to use it, and the N6 NEK features won’t appear in the N6 menus.


Unless theres some kind of financial motivation (like, its a LOT cheaper to by it with N6 instead of separately), I’m going to have to wait until I find out what other benefits NEK 6 will offer then. I’ll just consider the N6 solo upgrade.

I would also consider upgrading to N5, as for me the upgrade to N5 was cheaper that the upgrade to N6.


That’s the plan right now. But I would like to know what they did to NEK 6. So, if anybody finds out, would you please post that info? Thanks!