What's the difference between...

The print tab shows 2 print sections. my printer is (Epson WF-7510 prints up to 13x19)

  1. On the LEFT side bottom it show OS X Dialogs “Page Setup…” and “Print…”
  2. On the RIGHT side it shows “Page Setup”(defaulted to Super B/A3) and, bottom RIGHT “Print”
    What’s the difference?

On the LEFT side, I have user defined as 9x12
On the RIGHT side, there is a large list, but no 9x12
In Set Up tab, I set my page on the RIGHT side properties to “(Concert) 9x12”)
My question is, why is there no listing for Concert 9x12 in the Print tab, RIGHT side “Page Setup”

The buttons on the left-hand side access the macOS default Page Setup and Print dialogs, which show all of the paper sizes supported by your printer driver and any custom paper sizes you have defined.

The options on the right-hand side access the cross-platform print capabilities provided by our Qt application framework. The printer data in macOS is unfortunately opaque and not accessible from outside, so Qt is unable to gather information about custom paper sizes you have defined in your printer driver. In due course we should probably provide a means of defining a custom paper size within the options on the right-hand side.

In the meantime, you can print using the macOS options on the left-hand side of the dialog, but you cannot use the various job options on the right-hand side in combination with the settings in the OS-provided dialogs.