What's the "Empty" Template all about?

Before I waste any time figuring it out the hard way or try to read about it, what is the Template called “Empty”

-is it written in stone and you can’t change it.?
-if you can change it what is saved?
-how do you save it?
-is it anything like the old “def.all” from the days of VST32 … and beoynd?


All templates are common projects, just stored in the specific folder.

So the Empty project is an common Empty project. No tracks, no events.

There is no way, how to change it. The only one way is to create another Template.

Too bad haha!
I want my own emptiness! :laughing:
Now I know! Thanks!

You should make a feature request to add nothing to the Empty template. Wouldn’t that be something?

Totally Zen programming and good for marketing !!! Even Yamaha will approve of it? I will keep it in mind …