what's the fuzz with the range selection tool?

Ok, I’m sort of an old fart and I just select events or select what i need with my arrow ANYWHERE
To me the range selection tool feels redundant? I’ve never used it and it seems to me it doesn’t do anything that I can’t do with my arrow? As when there is data, there is an event and events could already be selected. besides that it doesn’t even auto snap. (which is probably a setting, but it’s off on my system) Can someone please explain to me what additional benefit I will find using the range selection?

There’s obviously a lot you don’t do as a mastering engineer that others do in areas of music creation.

Ever tried moving a chunk of automation points with the pointer? Way easier with the range selector.

And another automation issue. You can set up Cubase to move automation with its corresponding audio, or to just move the part. I find its better to just move the part for a multitude of reasons. If I need the corresponding automation, I’ll switch to the range tool.

Also when doing arrangement changes. Start removing sections, doubling chorus’s etc etc and you’ll soon see that the range tool, in combination with the Range Cut / Insert functions is far easier to use than the pointer.

Thanks for your input. For automation, i just copy the part and the automation comes with it?
I’ve never moved automation points without a part, I delete or change then though, but just lasso’ing them with my arrow
I never move parts without automation and just delete the automation by selecting the point in the lane below? Seems copying automation without the actual part is not possible without the range tool? (never had the need, as in my workflow “parts” lead, if there is no part, there is no data.

For arranging I might try this, I can imagine that controller data for 1 track is not relevant for another, but I then just select delete all controller data on the copied part. I’ve never used range cut/insert, maybe I need to play with that, but I’m happy now with CTRL + C and CRTL + V, seems faster and it’s in my system.
Not sold yet… :slight_smile:

EDIT: I get it, dragging automation is really easy this way. I’ll play around a bit more

The range tool is particularly useful for copying/moving disparate bits of audio, which have not been combined into a part. You can even use Ctrl + D (i.e., duplicate) for range selections. Incredibly useful.

coin starts to drop :wink:

well, there are a lot of use of the range selection tool…, I use it to select a portion off one ore a multiple events to add fades (keyboard shorcut A if I remmenber righty) (which length are the range I selected), I use It sometimes for example to select a portion (of all traks) of the song (audio), to remove or copy a part of the song without having to cut it in events before… I use it to erase parts of automation, I use “use virgin territory” mode, and if you select automation with arrow before erasing it, in this mode, it will fill your automation track with a line… instead with range selection tool, it will just erase the range you selected and create a point if there was none where one is needed. (by the way “use virgin territories” mode is broken since the 9.5 update… I’m back on 9 until it is fixed).

I use the ~ key as a short cut to toggle automation follows event. Range selection tool was useful in some instance very important, now even more so.

Double clicking a part with range selection tool and pressing the down arrow is a nice feature. Learning that fixed many headaches I’d have.