Whats the last stable version of c7?

Hi, i a bit fed up with all the crashes im getting in 7.06. i have uad plugins crashing i have preset window that i can’t make any smaller as the bottom not accessible as the widow is at full size, i have groove agent crashing when i try to load samples from media bay. ect ect …should i go back to 7.04?


I have yet to encounter a stable version. Sorry to be negative.

well they have all been stable for me. Few graphic glitches but no stability issues.

Stable for me when using out of the box (all versions), when I load all the old vst stuff things get weirdy :mrgreen: :laughing:

Same here and I use multiple UAD plug-ins spread over 2 cards in every project. I don’t get graphic or audio glitches but the ASIO red light comes on a lot. Just an annoyance really cause I find myself habitually clicking it off. Work wise and stability wise though Cubase 7.06 is pretty solid here.

After working with it for 8 hours yesterday, 7.06 working is like a champ on my DAW.

Try a real computer like a PC with Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8 x64 and your experience would change in heart blink. :wink:

Cubase 7.0.5, Cubase 7.0.6 stable as rock! Cubase 7 is one of the stables DAW I have been working with in a long time.
Has never ever crashed. Not even once. :slight_smile:

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Aloha guys

All versions since 7.0 have been sonically stable for me.

So much so have been using each version live on stage each weekend with no probs.
Minor graphics issues only.

Two crashes since v7.0 both while loading/unloading 3rd party 32 bit plugs (SampleTank).

mroekalea posted:

Stable for me when using out of the box (all versions), when I load all the old vst stuff things get weirdy


Personally, last stable version was the 7.06 I installed yesterday. Before that it was 7.05 and before that…etc

Crashing all the time when opening a few plugins, in other words just getting into the groove.

Computer is good to go.

I must say that i work in 32 bit float and i think the problems there with importing samples as i went back to 24bit and not had a crash?..yet

I know I’d like to complain, BUT, 7.0.6 has been the most stable version so far.

I haven’t used it extensively enough yet, but starting this weekend I will. I need to get a 2nd 1080 monitor since the mix seems to look good on one. My 768 monitor isn’t cutting it anymore. I’ll pick up one this weekend.

No crashes…so far…so good.

Stable here as well.

Same here. A few weekends ago I had Cubase 7.05 (64) on a Windows 8 (64) laptop for two days of rehearsal recording. All worked perfectly.

Transferred project (several hours long) to my desktop which runs Windows 7 (64) and was running cubase 7.05 (64) for mixing - all worked perfectly. Upgraded laptop and desktop to Cubase 7.06 (64) - all worked seamlessly without a hitch. Upgraded laptop to Windows 8.1 preview - all still works flawlessy.

Not saying that people don’t have real problems, just saying that my experience with Cubase 7 (and Cubase 6) has been overwhelmingly positive and unremittingly reliable.


I use nothing but 32 bit audio files and I can’t remember the last time Cubase crashed on me. It’s very rare and I’d bet a dollar to a pinch of donkey poo it’s probably down to something I’ve done on those rare occasions when it does happen. Occam’s Razor and all that. It might be wise to consider an alternative source for the cause your problem other than Cubase.

It’s a little early to say yet but since running 7.06 I haven’t even had the old “hang on exit” routine that some of us occasionally experience. That would be really cool if they’ve finally cured that old chestnut. Or do they even recognise it ? Not that it’s an actual “hang” since it generally shuts down if you wait it out,

Good luck! (not that superstition is likely to help) :smiling_imp:

‘Hang On Exit’ is the only problem I’ve experienced, several times.
Other than that .07 is very stable, running 12 hrs daily.

I use 32bit floating myself. Works here on PC Windows 7 x64.

My doesn’t hang. It still takes time to close though, about 10 sec?
I use a Intel SSD so my harddrive is very fast, so that isn’t it.

I think it has to do if you setup external MIDI synths / external hardware’s or not. It seem that you more you have in the loop the longer it takes to close Cubase 7.

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I’ve had one crash of 7.06, and I believe it was caused by the e-licenser software.

Nothing I can pinpoint. I can run a fully loaded 12GB project using VEPro5 & it will close fine. ( although it takes 30 seconds)
Last night I used a basic template running C7 only, it hung, stopped responding & I had to force close.