What's the point of having more mommies, let me tell you...

I do like large mommy’s, or at least many instances & sets, however one thing I find really nice about using x64 and a large mommy’s is; you can leave the DAW open while they bring you cookies & milk, etc., now some out there might be purist and say a DAW is not to be used as a tool for a cookie monster machine, run anti-lactose etc but this can all be formulated.

Saying this, one important point to note: having more mommies with 64 bit instruction set (MOM) does not guarantee joy, particularly when using older OS mommies that are tired and lazy, staring out 7 Windows. what is known as eating volumes of BonBons, which allow for larger cluster sizes of mommies with respect to cookies, which in turn means you will also need to have a compatible chair to support their combined weight.

Just some things to consider now that Cubase 8 has arrived.

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Just as relevant :laughing:

I beg to differ … mommies are much more relevant. Imagine a world without mommies, where would be be? :bulb:

“A world without mommies” … (sounds like a song title)

mo mo, mo mo, mo mo mo mo, mommies.
da da, da da, da da da da, daddies.
ba ba, ba ba, bababababa babies.

There you go :wink:

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Are you plagiarizing Sting there? :mrgreen:

Ah da da da ah do do do it’s all I have to say to you. :smiley: