What's the quickest way to fix this chord notation?

Dorico interpreted my midi file like this…
Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 22.15.21.png
It should be an arpeggiated (up) chord starting on the 4+ beat of bar 17. What’s the quickest way to fix this?

Hi sunny16!
Different solutions here!
Put the same duration to all the notes (whole note ?+smth), select them, invoke the ornaments popover (shift-o) and write arp.
If you want the notation with every note starting apart and tied to a half or whole note, you might want to use either grace notes or normal notes. With grace notes, simply input your chord on the beat and write the grace notes tied to each long value. With normal notes, you’ll need different voices with the long values on the same voice column index (property in Engrave mode) so that all the notes are vertically aligned. Hope it helps!

Alright, thanks will give those a try!