What's the reason SL getting slower over time

when I started using SL8 Pro it first appeared to be lightnig fast and really snappy. After half an hour of usage or so, it responds slower and slower on making new selections for example. Was same in SL7 before.
I was wondering, if this is caused by some graphics buffer getting full or does this have to do with higher number of undo steps in my settings? When I safe projects and reload them, SL works definately much faster for a while. Is there a workaround or some chache that needs to be cleared from time to time to speed up the UI ?

Macbook Pro `18 , OSX 10.14.6 , 32GB Ram

The graphic buffer won’t get bigger, but indeed the undo steps stay in memory (both RAM and cache folder) as long as the session stays live. You can try to mitigate that by reducing the Maximum History Actions in app Preferences > System and see if that helps.

I don’t understand why the undo steps aren’t just stored on the hard drive. It seems like my SSD should be fast enough for recall.

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That could certainly be an improvement indeed.

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