What's the recommended RAM size for Dorico 5.1 with Iconica Sketch?

I am currently using Dorico 5.0 + NPPE + Cinematic Studio Strings + BBCSO (for non-strings instruments). This made 64GB RAM a hard requirement for my workflow, hindering me from switching to Apple Silicon macs ('cause it’s just way too expensive).

Now the Dorico 5.1 seems promising without NotePerformer. I haven’t download’n’installed it yet, but just feel curious what will the official recommended RAM be for Dorico 5.1 running with a massive full Iconica Sketch orchestral ensemble. Is 8GB still enough? Or 16GB?

(Still, I would like to have a try if NPPE works with Iconica Sketch in the future.)

Iconica Sketch is pretty lightweight, so 8GB should typically be enough, but 16GB or more would always be my recommendation for overall performance.

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Thanks for your confirmation.
Looks like I have more choices of my next mac.