Whats the resampling quality on Cubase?

I was wondering whats the default resampling quality on Cubase? do we have as default some resampling number?

Im just curious because I was looking to this FL image…

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-06 a la(s) 08.45.00.png


I don’t know which algorithm Cubase uses, but the quality is better than the “Perfect” or “Extreme” algorithms offered by realtime samplers. These are very CPU heavy, so the Sampler Track and Groove Agent SE 4 use a lower quality algorithm.

Lower quality algorithms tend to have a brighter sound, which is often desirable when working with heavily pitch shifted samples.

The image exposed is a interpolation setting for render… but also, those sample rates on the image, are part of the interpolation settings for working on FL,

Im not sure to understand what means a realtime samplers? :cry:

VST samplers like Halion and Kontakt.

Thank you Romantique, Is there some place or a way to obtain requested info from developers? Im really interested on it, im doing some audio research/investigation and I would like to have the certain info… maybe you can use your moderator powers, to help me with this simple info of the real internal/and render, resampling / interpolation on Cubase?

I really really will appreciate it, please please