What's the right way to edit an endpoint configuration?

Hello. I just purchased BBCSO Pro, and thanks to John Barron’s playback template I’m ready to start working with it. One thing became immediately apparent, that I need to add some instruments to the endpoint configuration (e.g. creating ‘Trumpet in C’ and making the horns create instances of the BBCSO player). I believe I understand how to do this manually (adding an instance of the player in the VST rack, mapping it to the new instrument, and saving the endpoint configuration), but I’m wondering if there isn’t a better way (say, by editing the endpoint configuration directly)?

I would suggest doing it directly in Dorico, i.e. apply the endpoint configuration to your current project (or a dummy project created specifically for the purpose), then make whatever changes you need to make by adding more instruments and assigning additional plug-ins etc., then re-save the endpoint configuration. If you give it the same name then it should overwrite the existing one, and you can then update your playback templates to use the updated endpoint configuration.

Thank you.

So Templates aren’t updated automatically when the Endpoints they contain ares updated?

I don’t believe so, no. I think the template itself remains as it was on disk, but if I remember correctly, when you load a project that uses that playback template, it will be updated to the latest state of the playback template each time you open it, if necessary.

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Thanks Daniel

In my experience, if you update an Endpoint, then that will get picked up when you re-apply the template.

An existing document will keep the data that it has.

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It would be rather terrifying if altering one project changed another without you knowing it or being able to prevent that.