What's the trick? Return my arrow tool!!

I have the demo of C7. While trying to make sense of the mixer and it’s many convoluted features (I’ve been experimenting, in other words), I lost the use of the pointer function on the actual mixer channel view. The typical arrow icon does appear momentarily if I were to open an ‘insert’ bus or anything that is ABOVE (in the ‘rack’ area?) the actual channel part of the mixer. Instead of an arrow icon I have an expand/contract icon as I go to use a channel fader or channel control, say like enabling the Record button. Haha, which means I cannot enable the record function from the mixer window.

So, clever people of the C7, what do I have to do to get my arrow icon back?

Same here but not always strange enough. I close and reopen the mixer until its fixed.

Yep, happens to me also. Or, conversely, I cannot expand sections as the cursor won’t change from arrow.

Happened to me as well in 7.03, not before. Along with mixer graphic bugs that haven’t been there before. :imp:

this happens to me just on the project page but as soon as I right click the tools it goes back to the arrow function :wink: