What's the value of Midi-Remote since version 12?

in possession of a Komplete Kontrol MKII and a Maschine MKIII. I may want to update from CB 10.5 to version 13 due to the additions of the Midi remote that has been built in since version 12. But I don’t yet understand why my KK now works well in 10.5 with regard to midi control and my Maschine does not. Is it known why this is? And what is the value of an update to version 13 for using KK as a midi controller (which actually works well now, it seems)? And is it necessary/convenient to also use the Maschine as a midi controller, and does it work better with the KK when updating to version 13?
Lots of questions that I just can’t find an answer to. Hope someone can give me some info. many thanks in advance!!


I would recommend to wait for Cubase 13 Trial. Then you can download it and try, if it works better for you, if you like it, or not.

i still hope for a few answers. I read that Maschine will be in end of life soon, so I expect also no support anymore from NI.


What exactly doesn’t work? How is it integrated to Cubase?

The Komplete Kontrol is using own component in Cubase. So it doesn’t benefit from the MIDI Remote. But you can use it also as a plain MIDI controller. Then you can use all the MIDI Remote advantages.

Of course, you can do so. But in my opinion, you get the most of it, of you use it as it was designed for. I.e. with the Machine software (within Cubase).

If you want to use it as the DAW controller, then you can benefit from the MIDI Remote, which was new in Cubase 12. And it’s a complete new universe, comparison to Cubase 10.5.



Note that EOL is irrelevant when it comes to MIDI (at least until MIDI 2 becomes the new standard or even obsolete). Issues would arise if a new OS drivers’ scene COMES to play. Not sure about the time it’ll take for something like this, but for now I wouldn’t worry about Ni’s (and other manufacturers’) EOL.

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tnx for the info. That helped me out allready a lot. But I will discribe what is not working with Maschine later. Need to sleep now, can’t stop playing :frowning_face:

I’m using the software now as it is designed for and I think indeed that is allready great. Togethet with the Komplete S61 and a small keyboard on top of it, I think the MIDI remote option for Maschine is not realy nescesary. So thanks again for the help.