What's the white "Focus Frame" for? - Discuss

Correct me if I’m understanding you wrong, but in C 7 they have introduced a new key command and control focus system for tabbing/moving focus between UI elements and interacting with them, especially in MixConsole. Using the mouse will assign this focus as well.

I’m sure the manual outlines them but I’m too lazy to get it open at the moment. (12 hour day of writing - need a break!)

I’ve been thinking this since day one. It should be optional atleast, i know where my mouse is pointed, don’t need some box or line to tell me :neutral_face:

Honestly it’s not the white box that bugs me - the whole keyboard focus system drives me insane. Key commands that I was used to in Cubase 6 now trigger different things depending on where the “focus” is and I feel it’s a regression, frankly. Trips me up constantly.

superfluous eye candy methinks…

When the function of “rollover” first started everyone wanted to highlight everything because it was so cool to see outlines activated by the users mouse movement.

So it got to a point where needlessly designers would attribute everything to a live rollover state, even when not needed, at the time it was new and cool.

It isn’t anymore. I think this is new for Cubase and they are still excited, I think they’ll get over it soon.