What's this a happy post?

Hi all - just wanted to say I just updated recently from Cubase 5.5 to 7.5 and wow…I’m beyond impressed. :smiley:

Making this upgrade has inspired me to dig into these forum pages and suss out all of the gems of shared knowledge you all are providing. Thanks to all who contribute.

I created this account a long time ago and just recently started getting back into recording with a real desire to get pro results by truly learning the software and implementing good audio recording practices overall.

I feel accomplished already as based on posts found here I’m now using the control room feature for the first time ever while monitoring with IK ARC2 inserted.

However…getting pre-existing audio tracks to align to a project tempo is still baffling me. I’ve bookmarked a youtube vid on hitpoints for further review so hopefully the clouds will clear on that subject.


Yeah, Cubase is really getting better and better!

To get audio tracks to align to a project tempo what I do is move the audio tracks far to the right of the project (well beyond the length of the song, say 15 mins) and then I use Warp Tempo to make the metronome click conform to the audio. Then when it’s clicking correctly I select the audio clip, right click, select Set Definition From Tempo and write this into the file. Once that’s done I move the clip to wherever I need it, and magically the clip will then play at the tempo of that part of the song. I’d be doing this very often with rehearsal material when it comes to turning it into a useful song demo or when re-arranging the song in Cubase. The reason I do this way beyond the end of the song is because I like to keep my tempo warping out of the way of the main bit of the song just to make sure I don’t mess anything up. Once I’ve done that for the audio clip I generally delete all the tempo warpings that I’ve made to keep things tidy. I’d probably also take note of some of the original tempo changes so that I can re-create these to make the song feel a little less metronomic. Certainly it’s very useful to align the grid (tempo) to match freeform audio because then editing is a lot easier, but it becomes even easier if you also conform the audio to a fixed tempo because sections can be duplicated and swapped around way more easily then.


Hi Mike - thanks for sharing this! I think between this technique and aligning to midi tracks I should be able to get a lot accomplished. I’ve also yet to try out the new tempo detection feature I just found out about. I’m going to remain at the bottom of the learning curve for a while it seems :slight_smile: